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Protecting the patient: Remedies for fraud, abuse and misappropriation

Practitioners often feel at a loss to know what to do when a client has become the victim of financial abuse, particularly where the victim is a person who has either lost or is losing their mental capacity. Barrister David Rees, in part one of a two-part article, looks at the emergency remedies available and how to set aside a transaction.

Solicitors for the Elderly: Who are we and is it for you?

It has been four years since the formal establishment of Solicitors for the Elderly, which is now the leading organisation in this area. Caroline Coats, a solicitor with Eric Robinson, recently set up a regional group and explains why she took on this role and the benefits she and other members get from being part of such an organisation.

Charitable legacy campaign kick-starts the new year

Remember A Charity, a campaign set up by 90 charities to raise the percentage of wills that include a gift to charity, has issued a call to the legal sector to help reach the interim target of half a million supporting firms by Easter 2003.