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Editor’s foreword: A new beginning

Our magazine is the key source of professional elder-care related information for solicitors, financial advisers and certain groups of health-care professionals. It has an established national readership of many thousands and a reputation to match. Its written coverage is provided by “us”, its readers, which makes it “ours”.

C v Lewisham LBC [2003] EWCA Civ 927

Housing - Judicial Review - Council decision that applicant was intentionally homeless - Applicant failed to apply for review of decision within 21 day period - Applicant later applied for extension of time - Medical evidence that applicant’s mental state was such that she could not look after own affairs - Extension of time refused - Application for judicial review - Council decision to refuse to extend time not irrational or perverse - Council entitled to take into account prospects of success on review - Applicant not entitled to make repeated applications for extensions of time - Statute envisaged only one application to extend time for review after 21 day period expired - Housing Act 1996, ss 191, 202(3)

Harrison (Executrix of Michael Rutland Dec’d) v Tucker (Executor of Henry Rutland Dec’d) [2003] EWHC 1168 (Ch)

Contingent gifts - Contingency age - Vested gifts - Gift carrying intermediate income - Will contained direction that trustees may in their discretion apply intermediate income but only during fixed period of years from commencement of trust - Gift under will trust was not vested as it was contingent gift rather than present gift with postponed payment