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The draft Mental Incapacity Bill

The draft Mental Incapacity Bill has received a mixed reception, from those who have campaigned for years for legislation to better protect people and enhance their rights, to those who fear that such a bill will allow euthanasia by neglect. Martin Terrell, a partner at Rix & Kay, assesses the publication of the draft bill, the controversies and potential pitfalls, and its implications for decision making in personal welfare and healthcare matters.

ECA course: The basics of financial planning

“Assumptions” are what we base much of our thoughts on. Useful and false ones abound. To quote Rudyard Kipling in The Old Men: “This is our lot if we live so long and labour unto the end – That we outlive the impatient years and the much too patient friend: And because we know we have breath in our mouth and think we have thoughts in our head, We shall assume that we are alive whereas we are really dead.” Michael Hague continues with part three of the ECA course: The basics of financial planning, with assumptions in mind. In the quest for better understanding, you will probably be surprised to meet “the man in black” and to engage in the “Monte Carlo simulation”. Who said lawyers and doctors have all the good jargon?

The Land Registration Act 2002

“Wilt thou do the deed and repent it? Thou hadst better never been born,” (Sigurd the Volsung, William Morris, 1834-1896). Forgive the pun, but to help readers avoid doing or rather registering their “deeds” wrongly, ECA has asked Ros Lovell of the York Land Registry to summarise the changes wrought by The Land Registration Act 2002 and the Land Registration Rules 2003. For non-property lawyers and other readers outside the legal profession, this might seem unimportant, but it marks the end of some familiar documents. The land certificate and the charge certificate will be no more. There are also changes to one area surrounded by popular myth, namely adverse possession, or “squatter’s rights”.