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Bloomsburry Family law

Vulnerable Clients

Undercover doctors?

The freedom given to doctors to contact the DVLA about a patient's deteriorating ability to drive should be welcomed, not condemned

Baby steps

The government recently pledged £940m to improve mental health services across the country. Does this mean they’ll finally turn their attention to another neglected group in society? 

Top trumps

A close familial tie or geographic proximity will not act as a trump card when the courts decide who to appoint as deputy

What's in a word?

It is disappointing to find that there is currently a gradual departure from the presumption of capacity among professionals, which is the first principle of the Mental Capacity Act 2005

Paying for care

There is a worrying disparity between how much the public thinks later-life care costs and the cost of this service in reality - increased awareness and financial planning are the only ways around the problem

Tackling capacity

Decisions made for someone based on the principle of 'best interests' are unlikely to have the desired effect, especially where beliefs are concerned