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Bloomsburry Family law

Vulnerable Clients

Court of Protection Case Reports

Denzil Lush, Master of the Court of Protection, summarises two recent decisions which explore the question of suitability to act as an attorney under an Enduring Power of Attorney

Carers: Protection of Property Rights

INTRODUCTION The Carer was given a statutory definition by section 46 of the NHS and Community Care Act 1990. The Act defines a private carer simply as a person who is not employed to provide the care in question.

Paying for Nursing and Residential Care: Part 2 of the Kleinworth Benson

This second article by Derek Wright of Kleinwort Benson is based on the results of their unique Survey amongst those who look after someone in a care home. This article looks at how assessments under the Community Care Act 1993 work in practice and what plans are made to gift assets pre-entry to a care home. Personal tax issues are also reviewed to see whether all the available personal reliefs and allowances are being claimed. The final article in this series will then look at the financial concerns of those caring for someone in a home and the solutions available in the market to meet private care costs

Paying for Nursing and Residential Care: A Unique Survey

Derek Wright, Assistant Director at Kleinworth Benson Private Bank, provides ECA readers with results and analysis from an exclusive independent survey conducted during the past year. The survey involved questioning hundreds of individuals who acted as affairs managers for a relative or friend in residential or nursing care.

Elderly Clients: A Personal View

On the eve of her transfer from private practice to local authority law, Anne Edis takes the opportunity to reflect on a wide variety of issues relating to elderly clients. It is a personal reflection on a number of years dealing with the elderly and the problems they face.

Bad Investment Advice: The Options for Elderly Victims

Andrew Pickin, Partner and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner at Shoosmiths and Harrison, examines what can be done when elderly clients are the victims of poor advice. Andrew is currently bringing complaints to the PIA Ombudsman on behalf of 200 elderly investors who suffered losses of more than £5m as a consequence of the collapse of a financial services business known as Steeds Financial Services, based in Stamford, Lincs.

Court of Protection Case Report

Denzil Lush, the Master of the Court of Protection, examines a recent case involving the appointment of a receiver. He outlines the criteria available to be used in determining a decision and explains why, in this case, he decided to appoint an accountant to act as receiver rather than a relative.

Welfare Benefits and Residential Care

This article looks at the benefit provisions for those in residential or nursing care who are unable to afford such care for themselves. It should be emphasised that an article can do no more than outline the provisions, and individual cases will probably require detailed advice.