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Bloomsburry Family law

Personal injury

Lodhi v Governor of HM Prison Brixton [2002] EWHC 2029 (Admin)

Extradition and Exclusion - Habeas Corpus - Second extradition request in relation to serious drug offences in United Arab Emirates - Second request not in circumstances abuse of process - Applicant’s claim that extradition unjust by reason of delay rejected - No evidence that prisoners in UAE systematically received less favourable treatment in significant way while serving their sentences by reason of their race or nationality and that those responsible for prisons either approved and encouraged such treatment or turned blind eye to it - Extradition Act 1989, ss 6(1)(d), 11(3)(b)

R v Harrison

Criminal Evidence - Road Traffic - Dangerous driving - Credibility central to defence case - Good character direction - Failure to direct jury - Counsel negligently forgot to ask judge to make direction - Omission threatened safety of conviction - Conviction quashed - Road Traffic Act 1988, s 2