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Bloomsburry Family law


Couple loses claim over surrogate baby

A couple who paid thousands of pounds to a surrogate mother they had met over the internet have lost their legal battle to make her hand over the baby because it would not be in the child’s interes

Charity shopped

Thinking about making a donation to an animal charity this Christmas? Think again, because the money could be going towards funding disputes over legacies rather than towards animal welfare.

The third degree

It may be early days for the third-party funding industry, but it has already generated plenty of hype and provoked extensive debate. Jon Robins questions those on the frontline about its potential to improve the system

Update: planning

Julian Boswall and Suzanne Walford discuss the implications of the coalition government’s planning reforms, the Penfold review of non-planning consents, commercially sensitive information submitted with planning applications and a new fetter on planning authorities’ discretion on their enforcement powers