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Solicitors for the Elderly conference 2002

The Solicitors for the Elderly annual conference has become an earmarked event for many solicitors working with the elderly. Caroline Poynton reports on this year’s programme, the issues discussed, the speakers and their subjects and what lessons delegates took away for the coming year.

Problems in assessing mental capacity

For legal practitioners, determining client capacity is an essential process to protect and enable a client to live as independent a life as possible. However, where there should be cooperation between the legal and medical profession, there is often a gap in understanding in mental capacity assessment. Dr Amrit Singh, a consultant psychiatrist, describes the medical approach, in particular, how different illnesses and conditions might affect a client’s decision-making abilities.

R v Chapman

Sentencing - Public Order - Violent disorder - Copycat riot - Large number of youths - Stones thrown at police - Riot lasted for four hours - Appellant actively involved for 15 minutes - Three years’ detention not manifestly excessive - Public Order Act 1986, s 2

Ralph Hume Garry (a firm) v Gwillim

Costs-Solicitors - Gross sum bill for contentious work - Client solicitor claimed that fee notes rendered monthly for professional services by his solicitors were not bills bona fide complying with Solicitors Act 1974 because they did not give adequate description of the work done - Client failed to show that there was no sufficient narrative in bills to identify what he was being charged for and that he did not have sufficient knowledge from other documents or from what he had been told reasonably to decide whether or not to apply for taxation - Bills were bills bona fide complying with Act - Solicitors Act 1974, ss 64, 69