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Notional capital: Applying the right test

What do you do when your client is financially assessed by social services on the basis that the gift they made of the house the previous year is notional capital and how should you respond? David Coldrick, a partner at Wrigleys Solicitors, has produced a sample response for adaptation and use by readers.

Aftercare under the Mental Health Act 1983

Now the House of Lords has confirmed that s117 aftercare is free, lawyers will be seeking to recover fees paid by patients unlawfully. Yee Fon Sit, associate solicitor and head of the mental health department at Alexander Harris Solicitors, a specialist health law firm considers the impact of R v Manchester City Council ex parte Stennett.

Dexter Ltd (in administrative receivership) v Vlieland-Boddy [2003] EWCA Civ 14

Civil Procedure - Company Law - Company took proceedings against director for misappropriation of funds - Director abandoned defence and company obtained judgment - Company issued proceedings against others allegedly involved in fraudulent scheme and receipt of money - Further proceedings against other defendants not abuse of process - Application by defendants to strike out rightly dismissed