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Bloomsburry Family law


Ali Reza-Delta Transport Co Ltd v United Arab Shipping Co SAG [2003] EWCA Civ 811

Civil Procedure - Costs - Appeal - Part 36 offer - Successful appellant applied for costs of appeal on indemnity basis because increased award matched Part 36 offer in which appellant waived uplift interest worth US$12,000 - Waiver of uplift interest not to be taken into account in determining applicability of CPR r 36.21 - Appellant’s award matched Part 36 offer - Case not rare one in which court would exercise discretion to award indemnity costs under CPR r 44.3

Child law update

Pauline Fowler and Alison Burt scrutinise: Adoption and Children Act 2002; the position of step-parents in adoption; intercountry adoption; increasing adoption; amendments to the Children Act; the Victoria Climbié Report; unknown perpetrator cases; guardians; and managing public law cases