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Bloomsburry Family law

Marriage & Civil partnership

Reading Festival Ltd v West Yorkshire Police Authority [2006] EWCA Civ 524

Where a music festival organiser had expressed its hope that the police would deploy officers on the festival site as they had done in previous years, but in fact the police deployed their officers mostly in the communities surrounding the festival site and the festival organiser hired private security for the site, the organiser was not liable to pay the police under s 25(1) of the Police Act 1996 because there had been no request and the services provided were not “special police services”.

Krasniqi v Secretary of State for the home department

An asylum adjudicator had been entitled to conclude that the facts placed an asylum-seeker’s case so clearly beyond the run of family separation cases as to make it exceptional. There was no deficiency of reasoning or of explanation in the adjudicator's decision and accordingly the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal had had no power to interfere on the basis of error of law.