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Bloomsburry Family law


R (G) v B London Borough; R (W) v Lambeth LB; R (A) v Lambeth LB [2003] UKHL 57

Judicial Review - Human Rights - Claimants contended that Children Act 1989, s 17 required local authority to assess needs of child who was in need and met his needs when they had been assessed - Section 17(1) imposed general and overriding duty to maintain level and range of services sufficient to enable local authority to discharge its function under Part III of 1989 Act

R (Jones) v Mansfield District Council [2003] EWCA Civ 1408

Planning Law - Judicial Review - Environmental Law - Defendant granted planning permission for use as industrial estate of site in open countryside adjacent to claimant’s home - Claimant challenged grant of planning permission on ground that defendant had not considered whether Environmental Impact Assessment was required - Defendant had to decide whether Environmental Impact Assessment should be carried out - Role of court limited to review on Wednesbury grounds