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Law firms lagging behind accountants

A recent survey reports that Lawyers are lagging behind accountants in terms of technology, and many lack the skills needed to make their practice more profitable.

11 May 2004

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The survey, conducted by LFM Group Laserform, an electronic legal forms, case and practice management specialist, revealed that only 63 per cent of lawyers felt confident dealing with their current software, compared to 89 per cent of accountants.

Mike Boynes, sales and marketing director at LFM Group said: “Law firms have historically felt less at ease with IT than accountants. However, this is slowly changing as firms are investing record amounts in IT infrastructure. The firms that out-perform the rest often have a far superior practice management system in place. This means they can run their practice as a business, by controlling and managing business-critical activities.

“Clients expect a professional, modern attitude towards IT systems and increasingly base decisions about where to send their business based on their perception of how efficiently and effectively a law firm works – which is all underpinned by how good their technology is.”

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