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DLA becomes LLP

International firm DLA has converted to a limited-liability partnership (LLP) following a 12-month internal review.

13 October 2003

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With the creation of the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000, a number of law firms have already made the move to LLP status, as a means of providing a more modern business structure offering less legal risk. For DLA – which has expanded into Europe and Asia in the past few years – the move to LLP status is part of a comprehensive review intended to align the firm’s legal structure with its increased scale and international operations. It has adopted a two-stage process to manage the conversion.

On 1 October, partners joined DLA Group LLP, which will be the new international governance entity for the whole firm. Changes to DLA’s structure in the UK, Europe and Asia will not take place until 1 May 2004 when the UK practice will be transferred to two LLPs, one English and one Scottish, in compliance with the requirements of the Law Society of Scotland. General partnerships will continue to exist in regions where limited-liability structures are not recognised, such as Hong Kong. At the same time as voting on the new structure, DLA partners also approved an extension to Nigel Knowles’ term of office as managing partner of DLA until 31 December 2006.

Andrew Darwin, head of transactions and board member, said: “There are obvious benefits to converting to LLP status but the most compelling reason for DLA was that it reflects our position as a modern international business, which is important in the current business climate. Becoming an LLP will also strengthen our ability to attract and retain the best people, here in the UK and across Europe.”

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