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RSA enters indemnity insurance market

RSA, formerly known as Royal & SunAlliance and one of the biggest insurers in the UK, has decided to offer indemnity insurance to solicitors.

18 July 2011

Broker Litigation Protection said this morning that it would underwrite a “wide range of legal indemnity insurances” including providing delegated authority to law firms on 19 products for residential, agricultural and commercial properties with cover of up to £3m.

Litigation Protection was set up by Brian Raincock in 1992, following the introduction of ATE expenses insurance. The broker now also provides special risks insurance, together with facilities for professional indemnity insurance and third-party funding of commercial litigation through associated companies.

Brian Hall, managing director of Litigation Protection and previously head of special risks insurance at RSA, said the broker’s research showed that solicitors wanted an “easy-to-use product, backed by an insurer with a good reputation and great service”.

Peter Turrell, director of RSA’s professional and financial risks practice, said RSA had a long heritage in the legal indemnity market and he was pleased to be working with a partner like Litigation Protection.

The broker said it would deliver the products to solicitors online and through self-issue kits, but bespoke cover and higher indemnity limits could be arranged.

A spokesman added that the 19 products covered a full range of situations that could arise during a property or land transaction, including restrictive covenants, absentee landlords, chancel repair, registered possessory title and unknown/adverse rights.

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