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Across the pond, divorce selfies are becoming the new trend as couples celebrate reaching an amicable split by sharing the image on social media.

25 September 2015

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The hashtag #divorceselfie has reportedly been circulating for some time now, but its publicity rose recently when a Canadian couple took a picture of themselves outside the courtroom where their divorce was confirmed. The image was shared over 36,000 times and encouraged others to follow suit.

One of the divorcees attributed the taking of the selfie to being 'kooky ' but surprisingly this has been surpassed in levels of eccentricity by couples live tweeting divorce proceedings.

A picture can tell a thousand words and a divorce selfie certainly symbolises the couple's positive reflections on the split. The divorcee added that the couple had respectfully, thoughtfully, and honourably ended their marriage in a way that would allow them to go forward as parenting partners for their children.

This is in stark contrast to Mr Justice Peter Jackson's recent comments about a divorce case in which he said the divorcing couple appeared determined to 'destroy each other' and were making their children's lives a misery.

With this in mind, maybe saying 'I do' to a divorce selfie isn't the worst outcome after all.

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