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Regulators launch joint review of legal education

19 November 2010

The SRA, the BSB and ILEX have launched a review of legal education today. The review comes in the wake of concern over the high number of students entering the profession compared to the number of training places.

However, the terms of the review make no explicit reference to the disparity. In a joint statement, the three regulators said only that they will consider “the likely shape of and demands on legal services by 2020 in the light of changing consumer/client demand, technological change and other factors.”

A spokesman said the review aimed to ensure that ethical standards and levels of competence were “sufficient to secure a high standard of service for clients and to support the public interest and the rule of law”.

He said the review would also consider “the need for high quality, competitive legal services” and to promote social mobility and diversity.

Further issues would be whether regulation of legal education and training should be extended to include paralegals and whether there should be changes to career development and mobility between the different branches of the profession.

SRA chief executive Antony Townsend said: “Ensuring that solicitors and others delivering legal services are properly educated and trained is just as important as making sure that firms and individuals conduct their businesses properly.”

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