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Woman sues Marie Stopes for 'medical negligence' after abortion

19 April 2011

A woman is suing a Marie Stopes clinic for ‘medical negligence’ after an abortion allegedly exacerbated her mental health problems, the Christian Legal Centre (CLC) has announced.

The woman does not want to be identified and the CLC has said only that the clinic was in the south west of England.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the CLC, said: “This was a woman in distress who was put on the abortion conveyor belt by Marie Stopes. Her partner was allowed to book the abortion and cancel the counselling session.

“She wasn’t given any counselling or space to allow her to consider what she really wanted.”

The CLC said the woman wanted to know why her medical history was not addressed, why her moral beliefs regarding abortion were not respected and why she was not given any counselling.

According to the CLC, if the woman had been given counselling, she would not have decided to have an abortion.

“Even had she been given counselling by Marie Stopes, it is likely that this would have amounted to a mere talk through of the procedure, rather than a fair discussion of the other options available,” Williams said.

“Her case illustrates why there is such a need for the provision of independent advice to women in these circumstances.”

A spokeswoman for Marie Stopes International said the organisation did not comment on individual cases for reasons of client confidentiality.

“Our clients are at the centre of everything we do and all clients that come to Marie Stopes International receive the highest possible levels of quality and care,” she said.

“All women that look to us for support are offered the opportunity to speak with a professional and independent counsellor before making a decision about their pregnancy and are always able to change their mind, as providing choice is a guiding principle for us.”

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