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Bahl to make fight with Society public

3 December 2004

Kamlesh Bahl is to launch a public campaign for an independent inquiry into her treatment by the Law Society.
The former vice-president of the Law Society is to launch her campaign – ‘Justice for Kamlesh Bahl’ – at the House of Lords on 15 December. The campaign, which will lobby for a public investigation of her discrimination claims against the Society, will be co-ordinated by Suresh Grover, who ran the campaigns for inquiries into the deaths of Stephen Lawrence and Zahid Mubarek.
Following Bahl’s defeat in the Court of Appeal in August, when Mr Justice Elias upheld the Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling that she was not forced out of her job on grounds of race and sex, the Law Society announced it would “like to draw a line under these matters”. However, Bahl’s husband – Dr Nitin Lakhani - told Solicitors Journal: “The Law Society has taken every possible step to annihilate my wife, but we are not annihilated.”
Literature released on the campaign said it aimed to “ensure the Law Society is held accountable for its actions”. It stated: “Her case is now a wake-up call for the Law Society just as the Stephen Lawrence case was for the Metropolitan Police.”
A spokesperson for the Law Society said: “None of Kamlesh Bahl’s claims of discrimination against the Law Society have been upheld. The Law Society continues to work to promote best practice on equality and diversity as an employer, a representative body, and the regulator of the solicitors’ profession.”
The campaign comes the week after another Law Society employee launched a multiple discrimination claim against the regulator.
Simret Parmar, a policy officer, claims she was bullied and harassed by the Law Society on grounds of race and sex and also that her employer failed to make reasonable adjustments for a wrist injury incurred at work.

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