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‘Authentic’ brand experience critical to law firm success

GCs favour firms that deliver on their brand promise, research finds

31 March 2015

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By Manju Manglani, Editor (@ManjuManglani)

Corporate counsel are more likely to give high-value work to law firms that deliver a distinctive and comprehensive brand experience.

A survey of 249 Canada-based senior corporate counsel in US$50m+ organisations found that they favour law firms which align their services with their brand promise.

The two firms which rank highest in Canada for brand experience are Norton Rose Fulbright and Blake, Cassels & Graydon.

"Both firms have been successful at presenting a very clear brand proposition to the market that is responsive to clients' evolving needs and - most importantly - delivering an authentic experience that lives up to the brand promise," said Elizabeth Duffy, vice president of Acritas US, which conducted the research.

Clients are more likely to build strong and longstanding relationships with law firms that meet their individual demands, behaviours and needs.

"Over time, the reasons why clients are attracted to law firms have been shifting. As clients become more sophisticated, they are better able to recognise high quality and specialised knowledge.

"But clients also want their attorneys to take a more business-like and commercial approach to delivering advice, so they can quickly and effectively pass on the advice to their own internal clients," commented Duffy.

"A successful firm of the future is one that aligns itself with each specific market and offers relevant, tailored offering to clients, delivered through clear communications, from your website headline messages right through to how individual lawyers on the ground talk to clients and about the firm."



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