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Bloomsburry Family law


A lost art

There is no government allowance or tax free incentive too small to be taken advantage of, not least of all CGT allowances

Care home dilemma

Poor treatment at the hands of care home staff is an unfortunate but all too familiar theme; should the vulnerable be cared for at home?

Hung out to dry

The huge increase in litigants in person is a direct result of LASPO, not a rise in savvy litigants who simply choose to go it alone

Leave Dickens behind

Realising a grand vision often hinges on the financial backing it receives. So how probable is Sir James Munby's online divorce vision?

So just what is allowed?

The state is responsible for and consistently introduces tax planning schemes, so why isn't it playing a greater role in educating the public as to what is legal and what is illegal?

Get creative

The nature of private client work makes it tricky to market a firm and all the services on offer, but it's certainly not impossible